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The ProClean screens is the latest development in the new generation of fine screens that have unique step shaped laminates. These stepped laminates enable the screen to capture and remove plastics and other solids from any water flow channels. A set of stationary laminates alternates with a set of moving laminates, with the action lifting the screening up to the next stationary step. An upward transfer speed of approximately 1.5m/min is achieved while the screen is operating. The ProClean screen is available in 304 and 316 stainless steel and fully assembled ready for installation in the water channel. Over 10 years experience in designing equipment for all conditions ensures that the ProClean step screen will be ideally suited for your application.

Bar Screen are mainly available in two categories :

Coarse Screen

Coarse screens are typically used in wastewater treatment applications in order to remove large solids from the influent in order to remove rags, clothes, debris or any other large object that could clog, damage or alter the process pumps and piping downstream. Coarse bar screens are distinguished from fine screens by the space opening. Coarse screens usually have a spacing of 6mm and larger.

Fine Screen

Fine screens are used in municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plant require mechanical separation of fine solid material such as paper, plastic and other solids. They are mechanically cleaned devices using perforated plates, woven wire cloth or very closely spaced bars with clear openings of less than 20mm.


The bar screen is set into an existing concrete channel at 60° angle. The screening belt forms a barrier which allows water to flows through while catching particulates on the surface of the belt. As the screen becomes increasingly clogged, the water level in the channel will rise. Either manually or automatically the belt screen is put into operation, rotating along the sprocket to lift the clogged section of belt out of the channel. This exposes a clean section of belt to start the screening process over again. As the belt turns, the brush mechanism will also spin in contact with the belt. This spinning will sweep the belt clean, and all particulates will be swept out of the head of the machine.

Also included, close to the brush, is a backwash bar which when operated, delivers jets of water to further clean the belt. This function requires an outside source of water, and is operated on a timed basis.

  • Innovative combination of a front cleaned and back cleaned screen ina single unit.
  • Reliable removal of bulky coarse material together with high operational safety.
  • High capacity screen rakes.
  • Exact screen rake guidance for reliable cleaning of the front cleaned and back cleaned screen.
  • Custom designed to suit the channel dimensions and easy to retrofit into existing screening channels.
  • Easy to maintain as there are no submerged gears, chains or sprockets.
  • No additional consumables, such as service water, required for plant operation except electric current.
  • All stainless steel construction.
  • SS frame cover to control odor.
  • Laminats can be individually replaced.
  • Overload tripping and timer controlled auto start-stop of the machine is provided for efficient operation.
  • Spacers constructed of HDPE.
  • Self cleaning systme which does not require water spray.
  • Fast and easy maintenance.
  • Top and bottom HDPE guides.