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Static Mixers []

Static Mixer function is simple, fluid flowing through a pipe is channeled through a geometric arrangement of mixing elements. The element geometry is such that the fluid flowing through the elements will divide, mix, divide again and mix again until complete mixing.

The Static Mixer is an effective answer to your mixing requirements. Operating in-line, with no moving parts, this mixer blends and disperses the treatment chemical into wastewater streams. Compared to competitive mixers, its unique baffling design ensures complete mixing in a shorter length and lower pressure drop. The Static Mixers are easily installed in new or existing process lines. They are available in different pipe sizes. Construction Materials include PP/FRP, MS, SS, and Acrylic etc.

  • pH Control.
  • Chlorination.
  • Pulp Bleaching & Mixing.
  • Ink & Paint Blending.
  • Oil Blending.
  • Chemical Mixing.
  • Neutralization.
  • All Type of liquid to liquid, liquid to gas, liquid to solid mixing.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • 50 to 90% energy saving.
  • Excellent process versatility.
  • Highly predictable mixing and dispersion.