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PromaX : Sewage Treatment Plant


Water is very precious element and it must be saved. Untreated sewage creates problem hygiene, safety which leads ultimately to ground water contamination, loss of water.

The ProMax Wastewater Treatment System is based on the Moving Bed bio degradation technology, which is unique due to its compactness and performance in respect of volumetric efficiency. These technologies are combined with an airlift flotation system and a slugde re-aeration system in a modular tank that is prefabricated in the workshop and ready to be installed and hooked up to wastewater, power and outlet at the site.

The ProMax system utilises a septic tankfollowed by an attached growth activated sludge process which uses plastic media to provide an extended surface contact area for the bacteria to attach. The bacteria operate in an aerobic environment. An aeration grid located at the bottom of the reactor supplies oxygen to the biofilm along with the mixing energy required to keep the plastic biocarriers suspended and completely mixed within the reactor ensuring good contact between the bacteria and the wastewater. the treated wastewater flows by gravity to a clarifier to separate the solids from the clarified wastewater. Excess solids can be either returned to the septictank or pumped to a sludge holding tank.

The ProMax Moving Bed Biological Reactor (MBBR) system is the product of extensive research and development that is designed to achieve high quality effluent within a reduced overall footprint. The ProMax is specifically for the community and commercial eastewater treatment market with an emphasis on reliability and ease of maintenance.

PromaX-Hybrid : Sewage Treatment Plant

Promax Hybrid is package sewage treatment plant for treatment of sewage water. The Promax Hybrid system is based on the High-Speed bio-degradation using MBBR (Moving Bed Bioreactor) and Microfiltration using Membrane, which is unique due to its compactness and performance in respect of volumetric efficiency and high quality recycling water to match most stringent norms in terms of BOD and TSS. These technologies are combined in a prefabricated; skid mounted and standardized tank system with variable length, suitable for overseas transportation in ISO freight containers.

  • Very compact and occupy less space than other Sewage Treatment Plants.
  • Less maintenance, Low capital and Operation cost.
  • Simple assembly and operated by in site labour.
  • The system is prefabricated and mounted in ISO freight containers.
  • Easily transportable to any location unlike other treatment plants.
  • There is no need to add micro organism
  • The system will operate without any chemical addition.
  • Easy start up, fully automatic operation, reliable and robust.
  • Once started one central control panel for easy operation.
  • Clog free air distribution system.
  • Ammonia and nutrient removal system available upon request.
Promax Hybrid package plants are fully automatic systems with automatic sludge separation. Main components pre-assembled and tested before shipping. The basic system comes with the following standard equipment.
  • Main Bio Reactor Tank with three chambers. Epoxy coated.
  • Bio Media 450 m2 /m3. 20 Years warranty.
  • Course Air Distribution systems with butterfly valves, coarse air, No clogging.
  • Non-Return valves (Check valves).
  • Necessary Cables & Accessories.
  • Micro filtration.
  • Rotary Displacement Blower.
  • Submersible Feed Pump.
  • Displacement Sludge / Recycling Pump.
  • Automatic sludge separator.
  • Dosing pump.
  • Necessary PVC Piping & valves.
  • Motor Control Panel.
  • Complete plant Promax Hybrid STP as per requirements.
  • One main electrical switchboard/control panel with start/stop push buttons and running lights.