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Vishuddhi Enviro is a leading, worldwide Environmental services provider to industrial and government clients — delivering sustainable environmental solutions to meet compliance, business and operational needs. Our experienced environmental management staff addresses client projects across the full business life cycle — from asset planning, development and operations, to product integration and facility compliance, to site remediation, restoration, sustainability and reuse. Our solutions balance complex technical, regulatory, business and stakeholder issues to produce measurable value and cost-saving approaches for our clients. Our services are delivered by experienced environmental professionals.

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Energy efficient Aerators to reduce the BOD load.

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Agitator & reaction stirrer

Reliable Agitator & Stirrers for Flash mixing, Slow mixing, Coagulation, Flocculation etc.

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Clarifiers & clariflocculator

High torque central/peripheral driven clarifiers, clariflocculators, High rated solid contact clarifiers & thickners.

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Corrugated plate interceptor

Economical means of removal of oil & solids from waste water by gravity in a smooth, efficient automatic flow.

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Dissolved Air Floatation System

Best solution for separating solids, fats, oil & grease from waste water.

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Mechanical Screens

Reliable screens for municipal, Industrial & process water screening.

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Oil Skimmer

An oil skimmer is a machine that separates a liquid from.

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Organic Waste Composter

Conversion of organic waste to highly nutrient compost.

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