MBBR Technology

Moving Bed Bio Reactor technology defeats almost every shortcomings of old systems like system blockages, space, cost, cleanliness & hygienic operations etc.In the process, microorganisms colonies grown in plastic media use the waste water's organic component with oxygen for bio degradation of the pollutants in water under the aerobic atmosphere & produces carbon dioxide and water as out come. The plastic media provides the wide contact area to the colony for the process

PromaX out come

Treated water coming from PromaX falls under all the major pollution control norms & can be reused for various purpose like gardening & if treated secondary & tertiary, it may be used in more applications.

The out come of PromaX

  • BOD: <20 mg/I -(24 hours composite sample)
  • TSS: <20 mg/I -(24 hours composite sample)
  • Total Nitrogen <20 mg/I

PromaX Advantages

  • Packaged treatment plant
  • Consumes optimum space
  • Available in wide range (2000 liter/day to 400,000 liters/day) in single unit
  • Easy handling, Simple assembly & robust & reliable operations
  • Easy Transportation & installation
  • Less sludge production & no need for sludge recycle
  • Aesthetic look
  • Only one control panel for entire unit
  • Prefabricated & mounted in ISO freight container
  • Highly customized

Our Esteemed Clients

  • JUSCO Jamshedpur
  • Harsha Engineering Ahmedabad
  • Treat resort, Silvassa,
  • Modern Building Industries Pvt. Ltd. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Reliance Industries Limited Jamnagar
  • BHEL (Karnataka power corp. Bellari)
  • BHEL (MPGGCL Amarkantak)
  • Corner Tec Technical Services Bahrain
  • Topcee Foods Nigeria Limited Nigeria
  • Prism Hotels and Resorts. Bharuch
  • Ramans Consultancy. Ahemedabad